Game thing progress #10, the 0.3 release and whatever was inbetween

Hey. Still alive. Haven't been working on the game in a while, doing other things. The 0.3 release was actually ready a while ago, and I wanted to have someone help with rehauling the city part of the game, but that has to wait, so I finally decided to release this version. It adds the next day along with some walking content and important plot points, exciting, I know. The save game is mostly compatible with a minor problem that can't easily be resolved automatically, so if you have an old save file, feel free to message me and I'll fix it for you, but I think everyone forgot what the game was about anyway in two or so years that passed.

So, for some technical details, there's modding support available now that allows you to basically make a standalone game with the engine, which I did for a gamejam (see here). That was pretty fun, took me less than a week since I didn't have to do anything for the engine, pretty much. If you want to use the engine for your projects, message me somewhere and we'll figure something cool out.

For people on linux, the dependency on a bunch of external sound libraries is gone, you don't really need much at all to run the game now, almost everything is bundled. And there are save game slots now, so you an have more than one saved game, though really the game is still not that long, but it's nice to have.

What have I been doing, anyway? Well, I'm done with colledge, been for a while in fact. I actually presented this game's editor and modding capabilities as my diploma project, and got the highest possible grade, so I got to boast about that to everyone. Wrote a torrent tracker in Ada, that one's pretty fun.. Not much people using it, but it's alive and getting some new stuff uploaded and users registered. Played some video games, obviously, Demon Turf was the most recent one, pretty fun platformer, that unfortunately drags a bit too long with its level remixes. Also played a lot of Final Fantasy 14, probably the best MMO around and in general an alright game. Helped some more on that porn game, it's going along somewhat. Got a ebuild into the official gentoo repository, that I update when I can. Elden Ring came out so I played a bit of that, good game. Played a bit of Cruelty Squad at a friend's place, also a very interesting game.

Don't really have much more to say, go play the new version, out NOW!!!! Seriously, the plot thickens and it has some cool new things.

And thank YOU for reading my short blog post!!